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What is a personal trainer for writers? 

A  personal trainer for writers is a trainer of the mind. Their role is to assist you in developing mental strength, knowledge and confidence in the area of literacy and publishing. Like personal trainers in other industries, they help you set goals, keep on track and achieve them whilst providing training in the area of writing. 


How does a personal trainer differ from a mentor?


  • Mentoring is a large part of the role of a personal trainer for writing but a personal trainer takes mentoring to the next level. 

  • Mentoring is a relationship between two colleagues, in which the more experienced uses their knowledge and understanding of the industry to support the development of the other colleague. The main objective of a mentor is motivation. A personal trainer not only motivates but teaches. 

  • A personal trainer is a person who is qualified and recognised as an expert in the field. A mentor has experience does not necessarily have qualifications.

  • Mentoring is an informal arrangement based on discussion. Personal training involves a more structured meeting which is set on a regular basis. The agenda is set with the client based on achieving specific goals. 

  • Personal training revolves around specific personal development. An initial assessment is done on the client's strengths and weaknesses as a writer with training being built around these.  Specific tasks are set for the client to complete between meetings, teaching writing techniques and skills. 

  • A personal trainer can work side by side with a writer on their manuscript if required. They provide learning and direction on all aspects of writing from the initial development of the idea through to publishing and on to marketing. 

  • A personal trainers role is to focus on finding the best way for their client to learn particular skills. Learning is different for each individual. A personal trainer gets to know their client working with them as an individual. 

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