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Autism and Me

Autism and Me, Unheard voices, is a compilation of stories from those within the Autism community, as told to the author, giving the community not only a place to be heard but a place to be understood and a place to be accepted. For the wider community, it is a place to come to listen and learn. Autism and Me is a book of unity, compassion, growth, and progression. 
Submissions for life stories now open! 
Do you have Autism? Are you the carer of someone with Autism? Does someone in your extended family have Autism? Do you work in a profession where you deal with Autism on a daily basis? 
Not confident in writing?  Fill out the online questionnaire and we will write your story together.  
Survey Planet are currently experiencing difficulties. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We would love to heard your story. Please share via the contact us page.

There is a story, or poem, in all of us and I would love to hear your life story. The story of how Autism makes you feel and affects your life. 


By telling our stories we not only help others understand Autism and connect with those who have a similar experience but also develop a deeper understanding of ourselves. Telling our story puts our life into perspective, relieving stress. It offers us a connection to others and ourselves.


Autism and Me is an upcoming novel that gives a voice to families and individuals who live with  Autism. Within its cover, you will find a compilation of stories and poems from people of all walks of life that have one thing in common - Autism. 


As the saying goes "If you have met one person with Autism you have only met one person."


Autism and Me is a celebration of diversity and individuality. It aims to empower and educate.


Submission of short stories ( no longer than 7,500 words ) and poems are currently being taken. 


Not confident in writing your story?  We will put your story onto paper for you. Contact us to book a telephone interview.  


$20 will be paid for each story and poem published. You will also receive a copy of the book. 


Email full story submissions to





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