About Jennifer 

Jennifer Althaus has been involved in the writing and marketing of books for many years in her role as a writing and publishing consultant and publicist. She is an avid supporter of the self-publishing industry, having helped many authors write, compile and market their work. Always busy writing with others she finds little time left to publish her own work, with many projects waiting to see the light. Her first novel 'A Journey of Love' was published in 2017, with her first children's picture book 'Magical Minnie' soon following. Jennifer is a regular contributor to online magazines and lends her writing skills to others as a ghostwriter. Her qualifications range from that of children's writing, poetry and creative writing to business and early childhood educatiion. 


Currently residing on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Jennifer is the mother of three children, two of whom have Autism. While working and writing she home educates her youngest daughter, Celeste. Her passion lies with a life of positivity, dreaming of a world where positivity is the norm and negativity is long forgotten. She follows the motto "life is learning, learning is life', embracing each day for the opportunities it brings us to grow, not only as individuals but universally.

Jennifer loves to hear from people, finding the viewpoints and opinions of others liberating and fascinating. In her eyes, all things happen for a reason and we are all connected, if only in a very small way. 


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