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Writing Programs

Write, Publish, Promote
Tutored Mentoring Course

  • Start anytime.

  • Course material delivered to your inbox each week. 

  • Video tutorials.

  • Monthly 1 hour mentoring session via Zoom at a time convenient to you.

  • Online seminars with guest speakers from the literary and publishing industry. 

  • Facebook group offering a community of positive and likeminded people. 

  • Set weekly writing task.

  • Monthly assessments.


  • Feedback and support on your manuscript.

Course Overview

Writing a book can be a daunting, confusing and lonely experience. There is the content and structure to consider and the flow of the story to master. That's before you even get to the rewrites. There will be times you want to give up and times you have no idea what you are writing and why. 

If you have achieved writing your book, congratulations! You have labored over your manuscript for months, possibly years, and finally you feel it is ready to be published. Do you self-publish or submit to traditional publishers? What are traditional publishers looking for? How do you self-publish?  There is a synopsis to be written and a cover to be designed. There is the back blurb and then there is marketing and promoting.

Your book is published. It is online ready for readers to buy but sales are slow. You may be unsure of who your target audience is or are struggling to meet them. Level three of this course, promote, gives you the skills to promote your book and engage with potential readers. 

Write, Publish, Promote is a three-tiered correspondence mentoring program that provides emerging and developing authors with the knowledge, tools and resources they need to help them write, publish and promote stress-free. The course is tailored to meet the needs of the individual, offering one on one mentoring, contact with professionals in the industry and the support of other writers. This course is suitable for all genres. 

As a writer, you no longer have to feel alone. As you travel through the levels of this course, or maybe just one level suits you, you will make new lifetime friends, develop contacts in the publishing industry and become part of a community that understands. 

Level 1


 Course content:

  • Finding your place as a writer.

  • Developing your idea.

  • Storyboarding.

  • Novel building - basics.

  • Character profile.

  • Finding your writers voice.

  • Genre.

  • Copyright.

  • The draft.

  • Manuscript layout

  • Choosing your book title.

  • The back blurb.

Duration 3 months. Cost AU$2500 


Level 2


Course Content:

  • The professional editor.

  • Beta readers.

  • They synopsis.

  • Traditional v's self-publishing

  • Taking the self-publishing road.

  • Traditional publishers - the process.

  • Cover design - the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Author networking.

  • Website design.

  • Creating an author platform.

Duration 3 months. Cost AU $2500

Level 3


Course content:

  • So you are published. What now?

  • The book launch 

  • Writing and distributing a media release.

  • Social Media marketing.

  • Blogging as a marketing tool.

  • Libraries made easy.

  • Marketing - where the hard work really begins. 

Duration 2 months. Cost AU $1800

"Jennifer is an awesome support for writers. She is down to earth, approachable and very knowledgeable about the industry. I loved attending her monthly groups and would recommend her to any aspiring writer."

- Leanne Chapman.

— Name, Title

"Jennifer has been an absolute Godsend, restoring my faith in people in this industry. She is so refreshing to work with. Her guidance, honesty and ability are calming and inspiring. Her trust in new authors and belief in their writing gives them the confidence to keep going. She is so patient and knowledgeable, her passion shines through".

- Roz Potgeiter

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