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Life is a Mountain

Life is a mountain. We climb, we stumble, we fall, we rest and we continue to climb.

At some stage in our life we start at the bottom. Where the bottom is differs for each person. It may never be known or be impossible to gauge. Some may need to start at the bottom a few times before their climb truly starts.

As we climb we hit plateaus, little ridges where we rest, regroup and reassess. At each plateau the view becomes more breathtaking. With each breath we realise we made it. We are empowered to push on. We look forward to the next level with pride. We have come this far so why stop now.

Our climb can often feel like a lonely one. The mountain in front of us seems steep, unconquerable and undesirable. Emotions roll through us. We may feel scared, unsure, unable to achieve and defeated but we are never truly alone. All we need do is look around us and notice that there are others on the same mountain feeling the same way. As we reach out, inviting them to join us or accepting their invitation, we notice that the climb gets easier. As we stumble they reach out with a hand to grab. As they stumble we tighten our grip. Some may be ahead of us. They encourage us, they call us. If they have made it we can too.

Life is a mountain that challenges, pushes and pulls. Accept the challenge, prepare your strategy and start your climb, knowing that with each stumble, each fall, you will become stronger and learn new skills that enable you to pick yourself up and climb again.

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